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DIY Distortion Kit And Pedal Building Course

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DIY Distortion Kit And Pedal Building Course

Building your own DIY guitar pedal kit can be a fun and rewarding experience. Not only you get the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands, but you also get to experiment with different sounds and effects that can help you to create your own unique tone. You can also save a lot of money!

With my DIY kit, you will not only build an awesome distortion pedal but also learn how to customize it to your taste.
The kit includes additional parts, a breadboard, and a complete guide on how you can mod the circuit to get the desired tone.

With the included ebook, I will show you step-by-step how to build a fully working circuit on a breadboard without soldering.
You will learn what parts you can change for a different final sound.
Then I will guide you on how to turn the prototype into a real pedal by soldering selected parts on PCB and assembling the pedal.
I'm sharing with you all the knowledge I got over the last few years, to help you get into pedal building instantly!

If you're a hobbyist or thinking about starting a small pedal business, you will learn all you need to create your first pedals with this kit.
You also save a lot of money because now your search for the perfect distortion pedal ended - you will design it and build it on your own!

Kit includes:
-high-quality parts(footswitch, jacks, resistors, capacitors, diodes, op-amp, potentiometers, knobs) and PCB for distortion based on the classic circuits like DOD 250 and MXR Distortion+,
-additional parts (resistors, diodes, and capacitors) to learn how you can customize the final sound character,
-breadboard with wires,
-predrilled and powder-painted enclosure with laser-engraved graphics
-ebook loaded with tips about soldering, assembly, testing, using a breadboard for prototyping, and modifying the distortion pedal.

Kits will ship out in 7 -10 business days.
After shipment, you will receive an email with an ebook.

Kit includes high-quality parts, so you will build a professional, reliable, and long-lasting device.

Included ebook will help you to understand how the distortion circuit works.
You will learn how to recognize parts, read their values, and what they do in a distortion circuit.
I will guide you on how to set up your workspace for the best and safe workflow.
You will learn how to use a breadboard for fast prototyping and testing the sound.

This is not a simple DIY kit, it's the full course on how to become a pedal builder!

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  • Image of DIY Distortion Kit And Pedal Building Course
  • Image of DIY Distortion Kit And Pedal Building Course